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Site Of The Moment
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
Orgasm Denial Movies
Hot slave teasing and denial clips, plus a large gallery of femdom cock teasing and sensual domination pictures!

Rank Title and Description In Out
1 Femdom Temple 382 819
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
Extreme femdom here: fetish mistresses' movies, phone humiliation, sensual domination and femdom resources!
Previous Rank: 1
2 CBT Art 319 916
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
Computer drawings of femdom cock and ball torture: genital piercing, biting, crushing, bondage and trampling!
Previous Rank: 2
3 Cock Balls Nightmare 210 984
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
Genital torture, Ball busting, Testicle torture, Extreme cbt, Cock ball torture, Femdom CBT!
Previous Rank: 12
4 Femdom Wife Teasing 141 644
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
Frustrating movies of husbands subjected to cock teasing and orgasm denial domination!
Previous Rank: 14
5 Teasing and Denial Movies 135 690
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
Slave cocks subjected to femdom teasing and orgasm denial torture: frustrating femdom movies and pictures!
Previous Rank: 4
6 Ball Crusher 130 624
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
Ball Kicking, Ball Busting, Crushing, Trampling We Got it All!
Previous Rank: 3
7 KGB Femdom Movies 112 301
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
Drunken female KGB officer and a femdom nurse interrogate a captured British soldier and subject him to CBT, spanking, foot crushing and facesitting asphyxiation here!
Previous Rank: 30
8 CBT Hospital 108 598
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
Excruciating movies and pix of femdom nurse CBT torture: catheter insertion, scrotal injections, ball pumping, electro CBT and vacuum suction!
Previous Rank: 5
9 Asian Teasing Movies 108 596
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
Japanese mistress punishes male slave with exquisite cock teasing and orgasm denial!
Previous Rank: 6
10 Female Domination Bizarre 106 495
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
Hot movie and picture collection of teasing and denial, CBT domination and pussy worship!
Previous Rank: 16
11 Husband Humiliation and C&BT 102 303
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
I humiliate my small dicked cuckold husband and jerk his little dick while Black Men fuck me
Previous Rank: 21
12 Asian CBT Movies 100 358
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
Thai cock and ball torture film: cruel needle CBT and femdom catheter insertion here!
Previous Rank: 10
13 Extreme CBT 100 426
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
Electro CBT and nettle torture, ball kicking, cock biting, mousetraps and cruel pinching: sadistic movies and pics!
Previous Rank: 7
14 Facesitting and Teasing Wife 95 210
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
Movies of dominant wives treating submissive hubbies to ass smothering and exquisite cock teasing torture!
Previous Rank: 25
15 FemSupremacy 93 209
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
The best 500 femdom/male slave female domination sites you can find on the Web!
Previous Rank: 17
16 German Cock Torture 92 380
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
Brutal German CBT mistresses whipping, waxing, pinching, kicking and stretching cock and balls: all movies, no pictures here!
Previous Rank: 11
17 Sex Slave Movies 92 218
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
Male submissives humiliated, smothered, cock teased and finally fucked into submission by strict mistresses!
Previous Rank: 9
18 CBT Movies 89 279
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
Sadistic cock and ball torture clips and pics of toothbrush torture, sparkler burning, cruel cock whipping and brutal balls trampling!
Previous Rank: 8
19 Orgasm Denial Stories 81 178
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
Tantalizing cock domination video clips and photo stories of femdom teasing and denial!
Previous Rank: 20
20 Femdom CBT 80 247
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
Cock torture video clips and pictures of cock trampling, balls spanking and bondage!
Previous Rank: 15
21 Rubber Slave 77 254
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
Rubber femdom dungeon excesses: CBT, slave teasing and bizarre humiliation!
Previous Rank: 18
22 Orgasm Denial Movies 76 299
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
Hot slave teasing and denial clips, plus a large gallery of femdom cock teasing and sensual domination pictures!
Previous Rank: 13
23 Femdom Teasing 72 185
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
Orgasm denial photo stories of femdom cock teasing and control!
Previous Rank: 22
24 FREE Sensual Femdom Galleries! 67 308
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
Cock teasing, orgasm denial, delicate CBT and male humiliation: tons of HQ movies and pics, and all FREE!
Previous Rank: 34
Visit this cock torture and teasing site!
One of the newest and most extensive CBT - Teasing - Cock Tortured and Femdom Platforms in the Worldwide Web.
Previous Rank: 23
26 Honour and Obey 60 290
Top British resource for teasing and denail, CBT and extreme femdom sites! Category:
Previous Rank: 38
27 Rubber Femdom 45 140
CBT and cock teasing femdom movies, and bizarre dungeon training picture stories! Category:
Previous Rank: 29
28 Dominant Wife 42 164
Cruel femdom wives humiliating and punishing submissive husbands with cock teasing , forced sissification and CBT spanking here! Category:
Previous Rank: 19
29 Tease and Denial 42 146
Movie of a gorgeous mistress teasing her slave into submission and pissing over his cock and balls! Category:
Previous Rank: 26
30 Teasing & Humiliation Movies 40 163
Male genitals are licked, caressed, masturbated and sucked, but slaves are not allowed to cum: femdom tease and denial humiliation movies and pics! Category:
Previous Rank: 31
31 Sensual Domination Movies 38 133
Sensual mistress treating male slave to nipple and cock teasing here! Category:
Previous Rank: 27
32 Femdominion FREE Galleries 36 184
1000s of intense tease and denial, facesitting, foot domination and cock torture FREE pics for you to enjoy! Category:
Previous Rank: 28
33 Boot Slave 35 160
Movies and pics of passionate femdom boot licking, trampling and foot worship! Category:
Previous Rank: 32
34 CBT and Anal Torture 33 165
Cruel mistresses subjecting male slaves to brutal cock and ball torture, anal insertion and sodomy: hot movies and pics here! Category:
Previous Rank: 33
35 CBT4ME.COM ! 32 194
THE most comprehensive CBT site in the world- guaranteed ! If it's cock and ball torture-related, it's on our pages. See for yourself ! Category:
Previous Rank: 24
36 Rubber Nurse 30 144
Bizarre medical femdom movies and pics of cock and ball torture, anal domination and toilet slave humiliation! Category:
Previous Rank: 39
37 Submissive.ws 30 119
Movies an pix of femdom orgasm denial, CBT and all kinds of bizarre and extreme humiliation! Category:
Previous Rank: 45
38 Cock Teasing Movies 30 154
Evil dommes masturbating, nibbling and sucking slave cocks and never letting them cum: a hot all-movie tease and denial site! Category:
Previous Rank: 37
39 Femdom City 29 126
The mother of all femdom in the net: the most comprehensive collection of femdom related sites! Category:
Previous Rank: 40
40 Orgasm-Denial.biz 28 124
Hot movies and photos of slave teasing and denial and sensual femdom torture! Category:
Previous Rank: 35
41 Tease-Video.net 26 130
Teasing videos, ruined orgasm, humiliation, orgasmus control&denial ,cuckolding, forced milking and much more for FREE! Category:
Previous Rank: 41
42 Cock-Torture.ws 24 126
Brutal CBT femdom movies and photo stories of cock whipping, balls crushing, trampling and bondage! Category:
Previous Rank: 36
43 Sick Fetish 22 132
Extreme femdom and BDSM torture, scat and pissing movies, you'll find it all here! Category:
Previous Rank: 43
44 Femdom Index 21 112
Your ultimate guide to teasing and denial, sensual domination, facesitting and foot worship! Category:
Previous Rank: 48
45 Humiliation.ws 20 115
The ultimate collection of bizarre femdom movies: CBT/torture, toilet slave domination and teasing humiliation! Category:
Previous Rank: 50
46 Her Sweet Hand Dedicated to the Art of Stroking Cocks 20 128
HerSweetHand offers videos of amateur stroking cock girls. Weekly updates of amateur hand job girl models to supply quality hand job videos. Category:
Previous Rank: 49
47 COCK-CRUSH 19 144
Extreme Cock and Balls Trample Category:
Previous Rank: 44
Leading enema, medical, piss and bizarre rubber fetish site on net. Weekly update and live session free for members Over 70 hours video online Check it out Much free stuff complete in English and German Category:
Previous Rank: 42
49 Hand Job Loving Girls Providing Pleasure to Men 17 101
Iluvhandjobs offers pictures, videos and free movie sample of girls massaging penis to the point of ejaculation. Fresh hand job girls every week! Category:
Previous Rank: 46
50 Fetish Bizarre 16 114
Slave teasing and CBT, femdom torture and toilet slave movies and pictures! Category:
Previous Rank: 52
51 Latex & Clinic Domina LADY LUCY - Berlin, Germany 16 131
Real, wild & curious Mistress in Berlin. Free Latex & Clinic Pics with the beautifull Mistress and her slaves. Category:
Previous Rank: 47
52 Femdom Destiny 16 146
Only CBT & femdom site that you will ever need Category:
Previous Rank: 54
53 Miss Cameo - London Dominatrix 13 140
Cruel, harsh and beautiful Miss Cameo Category:
Previous Rank: 51
54 Extreme Femdom TGP 10 127
FREE extreme movies and pictures of femdom nurses teasing male patients, and delicate cock and ball torture - ALL FREE! Category:
Previous Rank: 57
55 Smother.ws 10 95
The ultimate resource for all your facesitting needs, with tons of hot smother movies and pics! Category:
Previous Rank: 55
56 Ballbusting World 7 147
100% genuine ballbusting- no protection! Our girls kick where it hurts! Instant full length video downloads included in membership, plus hundreds of stills and high quality clips! Category:
Previous Rank: 60
57 Walkyrie 7 126
The plus hard FEMDOM expression. True slaves used and tortured by sadistic and perverted women. Huge strapon - Hard cbt - castration - torture - Human WC - Hard whipping - VERY VERY HARD :: VIDEO & GALLERY Category:
Previous Rank: 56
58 KILLFEET 6 120
FREE VIDEO- the most cruel domina - scat play - extreme - feet domination - dirty - heels torture - fetish - footworship - ballbusting... Category:
Previous Rank: 61
59 Femdomteasing.com 5 129
t & d, orgasm denial, cuckold videos along with audio teases, web teases - Come inside and feel what its like to give up the ultimate pleasure, the pleasure of orgasm. Category:
Previous Rank: 59
60 Goddess Kicks 4 132
CBT, Ballbusting, Femdom, Trampling, girls 2die4 Category:
Previous Rank: 64
61 Cock Torture 4 113
CBT femdom torture links, including ball busting, cock biting, nettle and electro genital torture: sadistic videos and pictures! Category:
Previous Rank: 91
62 Superior Female Control 4 90
Powergirls unlimited: slave teasing, cock domination, foot worship, facesitting, we have it all! Category:
Previous Rank: 53
63 BALL BUST 3 178
Babes beating boys balls! Category:
Previous Rank: 65
My Black Master made me stop fucking my wimp dicked white husband. We let him jerk off while my Master uses me Category:
Previous Rank: 63
Horny russian Goddesses take Control over Orgasms of their slaves and tease their cocks. Our Mistresses specialize in Cock Control, Orgasm Denial and Teasing Cocks with Blowjobs and Handjobs. Category:
Previous Rank: 62
FREE VIDEO - The most cruel Mistress - fist and foot fist - femdom - ballbusting - wc slave - cbt - crucifixion - feet slavery - ATTENTION ! Very extreme Category:
Previous Rank: 66
67 Fetish Locator 2 133
Only extreme stuff here, from femdom torture to CBT amazons, bizarre teasing and slave degradation! Category:
Previous Rank: 58

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